Love Is Love

Love Is Love

It doesn’t matter what the complexion of your skin or whom you choose to love

Passionate emotion resides only in the vivid vulnerable heart

Love may not always win the battle, but it’ll be the victory of  war

It never dies and never ends

You can never have enough

Love is love


Nebulochaotic Dreams


My mama used to sing songs of fire from her lips into my ears

Gravity and galaxies flowed in her words and collided in the stars amid my mind


My daddy read books of stardust to the comets lit inside my eyes

Planets and moons formed fantasy’s from his lips to the depths of my brain


The bodies that entangle my mind of beautiful metallic shapes, heal me

They all possess an amount of amusement mentality for this crisis of mind




These nebulochaotic ideologies that embellish the imagination are full of broken stars.

Golden Obsessions



the age of imperialistic beauty


timeless sculptures, intense beings

crowns meaning optimum elegance of the era

statues holding nothing more than golden obsessions





golden how we had the silver of the past

and anticipate the gold of the future

full of golden obsessions


Strategic Pillars of the Golden Rules

Jesus Christ

Mother Theresa


Forgive the condemned creatures that fall in the night …

Charity blesses the unfortunate souls earthbound …

Peace not hate solves the math problems of the universe …

Martin Luther King Jr.

Princess Diana

Woodrow Wilson

Peaceful resistance…

Kindness above all the stars, follow your heart …

Peace be with the infinity of worlds with stardust and moons…


Lady Gaga

Ellen Degenerous

Embrace the weird love you hold inside…

Be kind when there is galaxies of pain…

Give to those who need the love you have…

Be a strategic pillar of the golden rules…

Hectic Notes From Apollo

taste the gorgeous tongue of a god

golden in his image

gorgeous in a mirror a angelic glass

Apollo leaves notes of various poems

lyrics of definitions of love

music fallen in his path

chaotic beauty flowing from the graceful tips

his burning of the sun

ball of gas heated by lusting for thoughts impure

madman of peaceful exciting intentions

a writer with a ambition for words

golden Apollo

golden Apollo

golden Apollo

Technology Philosophy

electronic hypnosis

of vain ordinary



brain cells

deprivations of night

held to screen illusions

of immoral stability

from the world’s control


vast utopian universe

taunting technological temptations

focused on fantasy dimensions

avoiding the reality


embellishments of vices

naturally sick in the sins

of pleasurable technology

but that’s just my philosophy



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Blooming Brain

blooming brain

beauty from the brain blooms brilliantly

bold-boastful flowers prompt knowledge

blooming through responsive nerves

to a body of detached petals.

butterflies accelerate bashful bleeding love

sinful sunshine and sweetened temper

sprouting from the cranial region…

full bloom blasting blissful colors of dark deprivation.

blooming beautifully upon my skull

within the sturdy walls of softly graphed skin

i have a blooming brain.


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